Finance Your Growth by Financing Your Purchase Orders

When it’s time to keep your cash flow moving, you need to be able to count on having short-term financing options that will allow you to be flexible. That’s because it’s not always easy to predict when you will get that order that taxes your resources but promises to pay off in ways that propel your business forward. Finding the financial solution to that puzzle is the key to making sure you are positioned to make the most of every opportunity.

How Purchase Order Financing Works

Our associates review your purchase order and your customer’s payment history to calculate a cash advance sum that is made available to you. Then, when payment comes in, we take care of it, deducting the advance and our service fee before passing the rest on to you. The result is you gaining access to the funds you need to complete the order easily.

Benefits of Financing Purchase Orders

  • Increase your market share by handling more orders more efficiently
  • Service large or unexpected orders without a hiccup
  • No loss of equity or increase in long-term debt
  • Fast and flexible funding

When you are ready to access your next advance on purchase orders your company has received, contact a Jackson Ventures representative to start an application.