Providing Credit Solutions for Your Customers

The ability to provide consumer finance solutions directly to your customers has been shown over and over to increase both first-time and repeat sales. In some industries, it can also mean the difference between access to necessary goods and services, or even the ability to participate fully in events like school activities and clubs. That’s because consumer credit programs no longer cater mostly to the retail sector. In fact, the Jackson Ventures program is designed to work with any industry, making it easy to connect your customers to the credit they need.

Program Features

  • Financing for 580 and higher FICO scores
  • Tiered cost packages and flexible interest rates
  • Incentive programs, including six months same as cash,
  • E-signature and instant approval

Connect Customers to Your Goods and Services

Services like dental work and home repair can be difficult to access without a firm payment plan in place. The same can be true for private school tuition, club memberships, or enrollment in professional organizations. No matter what sector your company works in, your customers will benefit and your business will grow if you are able to connect them to the financing they need whenever they need it.

Contact us today to start an application, and get access to a nationally recognized, easy to implement consumer credit program.