Your Access to an Unlimited Source of Financing

Once of the biggest reasons companies cultivate a broad range of credit tools is to ensure that they have a plan for maintaining cash flow during every phase of the business cycle. Finding the unlimited resources that allow for this easy management of your accounts is easier when you have credit that is designed to work with your business cycle, and that is what financing receivables means.

How Accounts Receivable Financing Works

When you apply for an advance using your accounts, a Jackson Ventures associate reviews all of them, along with your customers’ payment histories. Then they calculate an advance based on the size of the accounts and the most likely repayment window. When payment comes in, we collect for you, deducting the original advance and our service fee before passing the remainder on to you.

The Benefits of Financing Your Receivables

  • Finance your accounts as needed to maintain cash flow
  • Maintain your peak operating capacity more easily
  • Fast financing as you need it
  • No loss of equity
  • No long-term debt
  • Payment insurance on your customers at no additional cost to you

To start an application, contact one of our associates today. They will be able to answer your questions and get you started, so you can access the financing you need quickly.